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Market Analysis for Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems

We provide participants in the commercial drone ecosystem – end-users, technology vendors, service providers, and investors – with research-based insights needed to make critical investment decisions with confidence.
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Drone Analyst® covers the entire commercial ecosystem for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with research, content, and advisory services. Unlike other firms, our focus is not the military use of drones. Rather, it’s on the civilian market in which commercial business is conducted – including the verticals that use or will use UAS applications most.


Drone Research

Our in-depth research studies are based on qualitative and quantitative surveys. The results provide insight not available anywhere else in the industry. Our direct and prescriptive views and recommendations help provide UAS participants the knowledge necessary to make informed financial and operational decisions.


Drone Aerial

Sometimes a different perspective can lead us in new directions. We write about drones with as little hype as possible (though we do admit to having a passion for this technology and market). If you enjoy alternative interpretation and welcome opposing views that get to the heart of the subject matter, you will like what we have to say.