We provide research, content, and advisory services.

Recognizing the market potential for small UAS in multiple industries, Drone Analyst® offers research and industry analysis to existing and potential small UAS firm owners and investors. Whether your small UAS business interest involves products or services, we’ll examine the problems that are holding you back now as well as the opportunities you may have in the near future. With that in hand we’ll help you develop a focused plan to ensure success.

To support our clients, we are dedicated to identifying, documenting, and analyzing:

  • Use cases that have a positive ROI for the end-user of the data, and the underlying adoption drivers that provide justification for the use of UAS technology
  • Current operational / business challenges and best practices within the UAS service-provider and end-user community
  • Unmet technology needs and requirements within the UAS service-provider and end-user community, and vendors best positioned to meet those needs


We cover the entire civilian commercial ecosystem for unmanned aerial systems / unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS / UAV). Unlike other firms our focus is not the military market. Rather it’s on the civilian market in which commercial dealings are conducted – including the verticals that use or will use their applications most.

Our in-depth market research studies are based on actual qualitative and quantitative surveys. The results provide insight not available anywhere else in the industry. Our industry-specific reports provide direct and prescriptive views and recommendations help provide the knowledge necessary to take the right action at the right time.

Find research here.


Thought Leadership Content – We recognize the value of providing third-party subject matter experts to validate and tell your story. Today’s audiences are media savvy and expect your brand to have a presence in multiple channels. As a result, you need content delivered in the format consumers want. Drone Analyst’s approach focuses on those formats that drive awareness, generate leads, and mature prospects. We’ll create content such as whitepapers, webcasts and other digital media that helps your target audience lean in to hear and learn more about what you have to say. You’ll benefit by having better pay-per-click campaigns and more effective content marketing — i.e., improving the impact of your messaging and increasing conversions. See examples here and here.

Positioning and Messaging – We use a time-tested best-practice method to create positioning and messaging to help you clarify and amplify your brand, product, and service offering. The results will make you stand out in a crowded market, differentiate you from the competition, and provide guidance on future company and product strategy.

Advisory Services

Strategic Assessments – We can supply, on your schedule and in your locations, the educational presentations and training you and your staff needs to gain a competitive edge. This is a low-cost, easy-entry way to gain access to the latest small UAS market insights, best practices, and custom analyst coverage of your area of business focus. We draw on a best-practice methodology to assess where and how your efforts can be improved, examining your organization’s people, processes, information, and technologies.

Risk and Portfolio Analysis – We can determine the key organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOTs) that will impact a company’s ability to get where it needs to go. In addition to assessing any given drone technology, we’ll analyze the company’s financial, customer, process, and people current state for target market fit. We‘ll also analyze the level of competition within that market and recommend business strategy development. We’ll draw upon industrial organization economics and present the five forces that determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of an investment.

Social Media Strategy – We deliver expertise and knowledge through years of social media experience and exposure that will significantly improve your business. We will help tailor your social media outreach so you expand exposure to your target market. We’ll teach you how to act as a cultivator and curator, not a controller. This will transform transactions into interactions and conversations into currency.

Vendor Briefings

Briefing Drone Analyst® is free. If you are UAS product or technology or service provider, then write us at to schedule a call that advises us on your latest announcement.

The vendor research coverage process is a cooperative effort which validates your company, products, and customers. When the briefing process is complete we will decide if it warrants a QuickTake research note or blog post to be written.  See details here.

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