Ecosystem and Regulations

The UAS / UAV economic community is in its infancy and is supported by a large foundation of interacting organizations and individuals. The economic community includes component suppliers, drone aircraft producers, technology integrators, service providers, regulators, civil authorities, and other stakeholders. We see this evolution increasingly common to the evolution of information technology (IT). Over time, we expect the community to evolve their capabilities and roles, and align themselves with those companies holding leadership roles.

So you can keep up with the changes our research regularly looks at the following topics:

  • Technology
    • Airspace Integration
    • Autonomy
    • Cameras and Sensors
    • C-UAS – Detection and Deterrence
    • Flight Controllers
    • Flight Readiness Apps
    • Insurance
    • Mission Planners and Ground Stations
    • Propulsion
    • Radio Spectrum
    • Sense and Avoid (SAA)
  • Training
    • Flight Schools
    • University Programs
  • Regulation
    • FAA UAS Roadmap
    • FAA Test Facilities and Centers of Excellence
    • Foreign Civil Air Authorities


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Colin Snow