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Drone cinematography has been around for several years now, but is rapidly become the darling of Hollywood. Cameras mounted on drones can deliver shots that were impossible to get before, or could only be captured using expensive cranes, stabilizing equipment, and a manned helicopter. They give filmmakers a definitive edge over traditional methods. Camera drones allow directors to pull off mind-boggling, acrobatic camera stunts that would otherwise have been possible only through CGI or maybe not at all. This incredible sense of power and cost savings are the reasons many filmmakers lead the use of commercial drones and one of the reason why our research finds this market the largest.

Besides film and TV, here are some other camera drone, aerial photography, and aerial video-related applications:

  • REAL ESTATE – showcase homes, marquee properties, commercial buildings, and structures
  • LEGAL – support forensic investigations, insurance claims, and property assessments
  • CONSTRUCTION – progress reporting for commercial, residential, and civil engineering
  • LAND – landscape architecture, land development, and research
  • SPORTS – player and team position analysis


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