A Look at Trump’s Executive Order

By David Benowitz | January 19, 2021

Breaking Down Trump’s New Executive Order on Protecting The United States From Certain Unmanned Aircraft Systems Just three days before leaving office President Trump leaves one last impact on the drone industry with a new executive order issued this Monday night. This was one of five executive orders released late on Monday, and focuses on … Read more

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A Breakdown of New FAA Remote ID Rules

By David Benowitz | December 30, 2020

While the FAA’s original notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on Remote Identification drew significant criticisms from the drone industry, the final rules published on December 28th, 2020 have been met with general acceptance. This large shift in public sentiment comes as the FAA addresses its critics and published a more realistic version of its NPRM. … Read more

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DJI Added to the US Entity List – What’s the Impact?

By David Benowitz | December 21, 2020

The US Department of Commerce has moved to formally add China’s DJI, the leading manufacturer of drones globally, to its Entity List. The Entity List, which is already available online and will be published officially on the 22nd, documents the seventy-seven entities that are “acting contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United … Read more

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New US Drone Hardware Ecosystem Begins to Emerge

By David Benowitz | December 16, 2020

Chinese drone players may celebrate the death of a federal procurement ban, but the US government will continue to support the birth of a new US Drone Hardware Ecosystem. As the National Defense Authorization Act nears completion, the drone industry has watched closely as the Senate overrode a clause in the House of Representatives version of the … Read more

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Four trends that impacted the drone industry in 2020

Four Forces That Shaped the Drone Industry in 2020

By David Benowitz | December 4, 2020

From Critical Geopolitical Forces and Increasing Maturity, 2020 Has Been a Pivotal Year for the Drone Industry In this post, I’ll illustrate some of the market trends over the past year using data from our fourth Drone Market Sector Report and describe forces that have shaped the drone industry. While the report and market has … Read more

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Breaking Down the Drone Autonomy Hype

By David Benowitz | October 21, 2020

As Talk of Automated Drones Increase, We Separate Fact From Fiction Twitter spats pitting industry-leader DJI against innovative up-start Skydio have brought the discussion of drone autonomy to the forefront. There are debates over whose technology is best, the value of autonomy in general and whether or not current remote pilots should fear for their … Read more

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Where Did the Consumer Drone Market Go?

By David Benowitz | September 17, 2020

And How It Might Come Back – A Look At Consumer Drone Market Trends As we covered in our recent blog post about the new FAA registration data, the American consumer drone market hit a snag in 2019. The market’s stagnation is marked by a paltry 6% growth in registration numbers – an indicator for consumer aircraft … Read more

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COVID-19 Drives Interest in Consumer Drones

By David Benowitz | September 17, 2020

How Has COVID-19 Impacted the Consumer Drone Market? Our recent look at the FAA registration data suggests the consumer drone market is stagnating – and that raises the question of how has the consumer drone industry been impacted by COVID-19? With COVID-19 leaving many to wait for unemployment checks, and many still working remotely, we have seen … Read more

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2020 Market Sector Survey Now Online

By David Benowitz | September 15, 2020

Participate in the largest 2020 Drone survey. Respondents get a free summary of the findings and enter to win a DJI Mavic Mini

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Historical Performance of the American UAS Industry

New FAA Data Offers Insight on US Drone Industry Growth

By David Benowitz | August 14, 2020

Last month, the FAA released its updated Aerospace Forecast (2020-2040), an annual report that updates key metrics behind all aspects of the US aerospace – including U.S Airlines, General Aviation, Commercial Space and UAS. Last year’s forecast brought widespread attention to the acceleration of the UAS industry, but this year’s forecast mostly went unnoticed as the COVID-19 pandemic has … Read more

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