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Where Did the Consumer Drone Market Go?

By David Benowitz | September 17, 2020

And How It Might Come Back – A Look At Consumer Drone Market Trends As we covered in our recent blog post about the new FAA registration data, the American consumer drone market hit a snag in 2019. The market’s stagnation is marked by a paltry 6% growth in registration numbers – an indicator for consumer aircraft … Read more

COVID-19 Drives Interest in Consumer Drones

By David Benowitz | September 17, 2020

How Has COVID-19 Impacted the Consumer Drone Market? Our recent look at the FAA registration data suggests the consumer drone market is stagnating – and that raises the question of how has the consumer drone industry been impacted by COVID-19? With COVID-19 leaving many to wait for unemployment checks, and many still working remotely, we have seen … Read more

2020 Market Sector Survey Now Online

By David Benowitz | September 15, 2020

Participate in the largest 2020 Drone survey. Respondents get a free summary of the findings and enter to win a DJI Mavic Mini

Historical Performance of the American UAS Industry

New FAA Data Offers Insight on US Drone Industry Growth

By David Benowitz | August 14, 2020

Last month, the FAA released its updated Aerospace Forecast (2020-2040), an annual report that updates key metrics behind all aspects of the US aerospace – including U.S Airlines, General Aviation, Commercial Space and UAS. Last year’s forecast brought widespread attention to the acceleration of the UAS industry, but this year’s forecast mostly went unnoticed as the COVID-19 pandemic has … Read more

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DroneAnalyst Welcomes David Benowitz

By David Benowitz | August 3, 2020

DroneAnalyst today welcomes David Benowitz as Head of Research, responsible for expanding its research product offerings with the mission of providing increased transparency to the state of the maturing commercial drone industry.

Skydio vs DJI 2020 Industry Trends to Watch

3 Trends Driving the Drone Industry Through 2020

By David Benowitz | August 3, 2020

2020 is turning out to be an interesting year for the drone industry with increased hardware competition, rising global tensions and shifting regulations.

Making the Business Case for Your Drone Program

By Colin Snow | September 10, 2019

I am happy to announce the release of Making a Successful Business Case for Drone Technology – a blueprint for enterprises to develop a successful business case for a drone-based technology program. Produced in partnership with PrecisionHawk, this reference guide offers enterprise leaders a clear, step-by-step process to analyze, evaluate, and communicate key objectives of … Read more

Amazon’s Drone Delivery Plans: What’s Old, What’s New And When?

By Colin Snow | June 26, 2019

Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drone has some great new technology but the service faces strong and persistent regulatory hurdles. Amazon’s drone delivery service is in the news again, this time with a new drone named the “MK27.” As the latest iteration of Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drone, it’s apparently safer, more efficient, and more stable … Read more

FAA May Be Off Target With Forecast For Threefold Growth In Commercial Drones

By Colin Snow | May 20, 2019

There’s some good information in the FAA’s new five-year Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) forecast, but there are reasons to doubt the accuracy of the agency’s projections in two areas that have captured attention: the claims that there will be roughly threefold growth in the numbers of commercial drones and UAS-certified pilots. Here’s the good, the … Read more

Three Essentials for Building Public Safety and First Responder Drone Programs

By Colin Snow | May 9, 2019

Increasing use of drones surfaces three best practices for state and local police, sheriffs, fire departments, and teams in EMS, search and rescue, tactical response, and disaster response.   I just released two new drone industry guides titled Three Essentials For Building Your Law Enforcement Drone Program and Three Essentials For Building Your Fire and … Read more