About: This 88-page research report pulls together our latest research on both the consumer and commercial markets to offer insight into the drone industry’s overall direction. Published in September 2017, it includes the results of our survey of over 2,600 drone buyers, service providers, business users, and software service users, plus insights into the verticals that use drone data.

The report features more than 49 helpful figures and tables and offering insight and analysis on:

-Who’s buying what types of drones, from which makers, at what prices, and for what uses.

-The size and nature of drone-based service providers, how they position themselves, and what markets they’re targeting.

-Who the business users for drone-based projects are, and which industries have traction.

-How service providers and businesses use software for drone-based projects—for flight management, mission planning, and image processing.


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Report Contents

Insight 1
Insight 2
Insight 3
Insight 4
Insight 5
Insight 6
Insight 7
Insight 8
Insight 9
Insight 10
Understanding Purchases
Drone distribution businesses and the roles they play
It’s a multirotor world
Professional use of consumer drones
Brand leader: The juggernaut that is DJI
Bottom line
Understanding Service Providers
Business size
Industry targets and growth prospects
Bottom line
Understanding Business Users
Top industrial uses
Company size
Controlling departments
The role of surveying / mapping / GIS firms as intermediaries
Limited success stories on integration
Bottom line
Understanding Software Apps and Services
Flight logging and operations management
Automated mission planning software
Data, image, and video processing software
Outlook by Vertical
Section 1 - Drone Purchases
Drone type
Top drone brands
Price points
Place of purchase
Intended use
Use by price point
Cameras and sensors
Section 2 - Service Providers
Length of Service
Size of service businesses
Services offered
Information provided to clients
Growth prospects
Section 3 - Business Users
Services performed or purchased
Role of GIS firms
Controlling department
Business size
Aircraft purchases
Section 4 - Software Services
Consumption preferences
Flight logging and operations management software
Automated mission planning software
Data, image, and video processing software
License agreement

Figure 1 – Respondents by Country or Region
Figure 2 – Respondents by Role
Figure 3 – Respondents by Age Group
Figure 4 – Industry Sector of Respondents
Figure 5 - Skylogic Research Drone Use Vertical Scorecard
Figure 6 - Drone Type Purchased
Figure 7 – Drone Brand Market Share
Figure 8 – Drone Purchase Price Points
Figure 9 – Where Drones Are Purchased
Figure 10 – FAA Definition of UAS Operations
Figure 11 – Intended Use Detail
Figure 12 – Intended Use Professional Only
Figure 13 – Camera and Sensor Integration
Figure 14 – Most Popular Add-on Camera or Sensor Brands
Figure 15 – Number of Years Offering Services
Figure 16 – Revenue from Commercial Drone Operations
Figure 17 – Number of Full- and Part-time Employees (Service Providers)
Figure 18 – Number of Remote Pilots Employed (Service Providers)
Figure 19 – Average Number of Drone Projects per Month (Service Providers)
Figure 20 – Primary Service Offering
Figure 21 – Information Delivered to Clients
Figure 22 – Preferred Training Method
Figure 23 – Service Provider Hiring Intentions
Figure 24 – Issues Inhibiting Service Provider Growth
Figure 25 – Part 107 Waivers
Figure 26 – Primary Drone Service Used or Purchased
Figure 27 – Business User Outsourcing
Figure 28 – Services Most Likely to Be Outsourced
Figure 29 – Business User’s Controlling Department
Figure 30 – Average Number of Flights per Month (Business Users)
Figure 31 – Business User Company Size
Figure 32 – Number of Remote Pilots Employed (Business Users)
Figure 33 – Method of Drone Purchase
Figure 34 – Software Consumption Preferences
Figure 35 – Drone Flight Logging and Operations Software Market Share
Figure 36 – Problems with Flight Logging and Operations Software
Figure 37 – Drone Automated Mission Planning Software Market Share
Figure 38 – Problems with Automated Mission Planning Software
Figure 39 – Drone Data / Image / Video Processing Software Market Share
Figure 40 – Problems with Data, Image, and Video Processing Software

Table 1 – Top Drone Brands Costing Less Than $1,000
Table 2 – Top Drone Brands Costing $1,000–$1,999
Table 3 – Top Drone Brands Costing More Than $2,000
Table 4 – Changes in Place of Purchase, 2017 vs. 2016
Table 5 – Commercial Use Yearly Comparison
Table 6 – Hobby vs. Professional Use by Price Range
Table 7 – Change in Professional Use by Price Range
Table 8 – Average Number of Employees by Company Size
Table 9 – Top 10 Drone Services Making Over $100K/Year


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