Quick-Start Guide to Drones In Construction

In this April 2018 industry report, we provide guidance and industry-specific resources that will help you kick-start your practice. Our goal is to help drone-based service providers and business users maximize the value that drones can bring to operational groups.

What’s in it?

This report consolidates our best insights into the challenges and solutions drones add to the worksite. We show how drones as a unified data collection device are bridging the gap between the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) silos. We answer questions like:

– How big is the construction drone market, and who are the major solution providers?

– How are drones used in the AEC industry, and what are the challenges?

– What do you need to know about regulations, pilot certification, insurance, and training?

– What are the best practices for adopting drones into workflows?

Included in the white paper:

  • Market Overview with a list of the top vendors
  • Explanation of uses and challenges integrating drones on your job site\
  • In-depth SWOT analysis drone use in construction
  • A getting started guide
  • Lessons learned and cautionary tales
  • A 25+ link resource list

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Colin Snow