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The drone industry is a new frontier with nearly unlimited potential. DroneAnalyst is your trusted partner in navigating this new market and determining what is new market hype versus market reality.

Our fifth annual market report provides our most comprehensive look at drone buyers, service providers, business and public agency users, and software services.

The report features 92 figures and 7 tables offering insight and analysis on:

  • Which hardware and software are gaining tractions across each sector
  • The industries that are spending the most on drones, and those spending the least
  • Factors driving purchases across each sector
  • Challenges faced by business and agency users

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DroneAnalyst's first Hardware Sector Report provides the most accurate depiction of global drone shipments and hardware revenues over the past two years and in the future, including:

  • The amount of units, by model, being sold by leading drone brands.
  • Size of each market sector across each region.
  • Forecast, by market sector, for global drone hardware sales
  • Global market share and estimated revenues for leading brands