Our Approach to Research

The drone industry is a new frontier with nearly unlimited potential. Growing from humble hobbyist beginnings, to now tackling data capture for enterprises and package delivery.

Yet — as with any new tech sector — it is hard for stakeholders and investors to gain a true sense of the state of the market, and what is just marketing fluff versus reality.

Starting in 2016, the DroneAnalyst team has committed itself to cutting through the noise to share insights based on reality.

DroneAnalyst achieves this mission through its annual Market Sector Report, followup application-specific reports and regular engagements with the industry at events. Regardless of where you see us, our insights are backed up by data and supported by discussions with industry stakeholders.

DroneAnalyst Leadership


David Benowitz, Head of Research at DroneAnalyst, joins the team from DJI, where he contributed as a founding member of its Enterprise business. During his 4-year tenure at the company, David most notably spearheaded the launch of a series of industry-first product lines and was key to the establishment and growth of AirWorks, DJI’s annual commercial drone conference. 

In addition to bringing his past drone experience, David also brings his education background in econometrics to DroneAnalyst. You can find David on Twitter @Dave_Beno and LinkedIn

Layne headshot

Benowitz is joined by DroneAnalyst CTO Layne Van Rhijn, who manages a diverse portfolio of tech and photography websites.

Layne has also been extensively involved in the drone industry since 2010, working on custom projects for clients such as Defence Research & Development Canada, Thompson Rivers University, Bayer Crop Science, JD Irving and others.

In his spare time Layne enjoys wildlife photography and exploring the great outdoors with his wife and children.


Colin Snow, founder and former CEO of DroneAnalyst, is a 25-year technology industry veteran with a background in manufacturing, electronics, digital imaging, field service, software, research, and mobility. His prior experience includes marketing, manufacturing, and operations management at Olympus Corporation, Oracle / PeopleSoft, Steelwedge Software, and SAP.


While Colin has retired with his wife in San Francisco, he is still involved in an advisory capacity to assist with the direction of key projects.