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Challenges and Revenues for Service Providers

By David Benowitz | August 17, 2022

Service provider revenues trend upwards and a breakdown of the challenges these firms face The rise of the services market and the “droneprenuer” is nothing new, with a sea of content and forums out there on how to start. Each year we like to distill findings on service provider revenues and where providers are making … Read more

How Has 2021 Changed the Drone Industry?

By David Benowitz | September 14, 2021

Key Takeaways from DroneAnalyst’s Fifth Annual Market Report In this post, I’ll illustrate some of the market trends over the past year using data from our fifth Drone Market Sector Report and describe large shifts that have impacted the industry in 2021. While the full report covers everything from purchasing factors to challenges faced by each industry, … Read more

Finding the Money for Service Providers

By David Benowitz | June 23, 2021

How much can commercial drone pilots make? What industries pay the most? And more. Improvements in drone products and regulatory changes have caused a wave of photographers and other professionals to become commercial drone pilots. This may mean joining a services firm or going at it alone as a “droneprenuer”. The rise of drone service … Read more

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Participate in Our 2021 Market Survey

By David Benowitz | June 16, 2021

Have your voice heard in the industry’s longest running annual survey We just announced our fifth Drone Market Sector Survey, established to provide clear benchmarks for the industry. This survey is the online research portion of our upcoming 2021 Market Sector Report (to be released in September), and will provide a comprehensive look across drone … Read more

The Rise of Open-Source Drones

By David Benowitz | May 30, 2021

Amidst Global Tensions and A Surge of New Manufacturers, Open-Source Has Risen as a Key Winner With much of the industry discussing the pressures on DJI, rise of Blue sUAS offerings such as the Skydio X2 and the promise of autonomous drones, there has been one consistent force driving many of these larger trends. That … Read more

How Large is the Drone Market?

By David Benowitz | April 28, 2021

New DroneAnalyst Research Dives into Market Size in Initial Hardware Sector Report The history of the drone industry is also the history of hype and oversized forecasts. Whether that be the tale of Lily Robotics or Goldman’s $100 Billion market estimate by 2020, we’ve seen it all. And it’s understandable, drones are a new, unique … Read more

Why the Industry Still Relies on DJI

By David Benowitz | April 19, 2021

Despite geopolitical tensions and security concerns, the drone industry’s reliance on DJI remains firm. We explore why. While headlines have focused on DJI drones being “banned” or “blacklisted” from the US market, many following the industry will know just how little impact these US government actions have had on the majority of drone sales and DJI’s market dominance. While it … Read more

Catching Up on Blue sUAS and US Military Purchases of UAS

By David Benowitz | March 30, 2021

The Start of 2021 Has Revealed Winners and Challenges Behind the Shift to a US Domestic Drone Industry As we have revealed last year, 2020 saw a resurgence in US drone manufacturers, recouping lost market share by reaching similar levels as 2017. Despite this shift, the industry is still far away from both broad competition … Read more

Drone Channel Mayhem – DJI Rewrites the Rules

By David Benowitz | March 16, 2021

DJI Moves to Sell Its Enterprise Drones Online, with Impacts to the Broader Drone Ecosystem Last Friday, DJI reversed direction and moved to sell much of its enterprise products online. DJI had previously exclusively sold its powerful, expensive and complicated enterprise products solely through distributors like RMUS, DroneNerds, Heliguy and more, with over 100 US-based … Read more

Drones Are Doing More In U.S. Than You May Know, As These 3 Companies Show

By Colin Snow | March 25, 2019

Five years ago, the pundits predicted that by now we would be seeing tens of thousands of drones buzzing over our heads delivering everything from pizzas and burritos to the latest “must-have” item from Amazon. So what happened? Where are they? In a nutshell, they are here, but the general public doesn’t see them—at least … Read more