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Drone Analyst® covers the entire commercial ecosystem for for unmanned aerial systems / unmanned aerial vehicles  (UAS / UAV) with research, market studies, and insights. Unlike other firms our focus is not the military use of drones. Rather it’s on the civilian market in which commercial dealings are conducted – including the verticals that use or will use their applications most.

Research Reports

Our in-depth research studies are based on quantitative consumer and business surveys. The results provide insight not available anywhere else in the industry. Our direct and prescriptive views and recommendations help provide the knowledge necessary to take the right action at the right time.


Five Valuable Business Lessons Learned About Drones in Construction – In this March 2017 research study, we look at how drones and drone technology are being used by the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. In the report, we demonstrate what drone operators have learned about what works and what doesn’t.

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thetruthaboutdrones_ag_page_1The Truth about Drones in Precision Agriculture – In this June 2016 report we look at how drones have been used as remote sensing devices in agriculture thus far, review competitive and traditional approaches using incumbent technology, discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by the technology itself, outline the lessons learned, and discuss what’s next for drones in agriculture.

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The Truth about Drones in Construction and Inspection – In this July 2016 report we show how drones have been used successfully in construction and infrastructure asset management as aerial image and data capture devices thus far, review competitive and traditional approaches using incumbent technology, discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by the technology itself, outline the lessons learned, and discuss what’s next for drones in this industry.

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The Truth about Drones in Public Safety and First Responder Operations – in this July 2016 report we detail the major use cases and discusses the challenges and lessons learned by police and search & rescue teams including the lessons offered by Gene Robinson, head of Unmanned Aircraft Operations for the Wimberley Fire Department, from his work in the aftermath of the 2015 Texas Memorial Day floods.

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The Truth about Drones in Mapping and Surveying – In this July 2016 report we show how small drones have been used successfully in surveying and mapping thus far and outline the lessons learned. The report discusses the opportunities and challenges for GIS professionals, reviews competitive and traditional approaches offered by incumbent technology, and discusses what’s next for drones in this sector.

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Drone Delivery: By The Numbers – This October 2014 study polled consumers on package delivery by drones.  It probes the maximum amount they would be willing to pay and determines under what circumstance would they need something so quickly that they’d pay top dollar for it.

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Drones in the Channel: 2016 Market Report – This April 2016 report examines drone sales and distribution channels in North America. It offers fresh insights on the major brands and the growing role that distribution and reseller businesses play in the sale of consumer and commercial drones. Incorporating qualitative and quantitative research and including interviews with major drone manufacturers and drone distributors, the study also contains results from a precision survey on buyers’ purchases.  

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Commercial Drones: Current State of the U.S. Industry – This September 2016 report analyzes the business impact and market opportunities that Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) rules have on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and investors.  It provides a primer on unmanned systems and their many commercial applications. It details recent innovations, business applications, key ecosystem companies, and market forecasts.  

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ADS-B and Its Use for Small Drone Traffic Management – This November 2015 report details the existing state of UAS traffic management; identifies issues, problems, and misconceptions about ADS-B; and includes six key insights from an online survey and vendor research. The study determines the practicability of using ADS-B for use in small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and analyzes if ADS-B is the right solution for small drones operating in low-altitude airspace.  

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Impact of FAA Rules on Small UAS Business – This May 2014 study looks at those businesses who sell or operate and intend to sell or operate, their sUAS in the U.S. for commercial purposes and reports on the economic impact of FAA regulations on small drones commercial markets. It shows to what extent there are already commercial small UAS in operation in Class G airspace. It gives voice how small UAS commercial service providers perceive current and proposed FAA rules.

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We routinely publish research notes on UAS  / UAV industry activities and market trends. These notes are provided to our subscribers, select media, and industry partners reaching a potential audience of 80,000 UAS professionals worldwide. Sample:

Briefing Drone Analyst is free. If you are UAS product or technology or service provider, then write us at to schedule a call that advises us on your latest announcement. The research coverage process is a cooperative effort which validates your company, products and customers. When the briefing process is complete we will decide if it warrants a QuickTake research note or blog post to be written.  See details here.